AOI’s growth has been driven by hedge fund investors seeking a centralized, independent investor-only forum that is free from commercial influence. AOI generally limits its membership to investors into alternatives. For information on joining AOI or for any general membership-related questions, click here.

Qualifying investor members include:

  • Sovereign Wealth Plans
  • Pensions
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Family Offices

 AOI membership:

  • Invitation to participate in investor-only AOI meetings
  • Receive AOI white papers and intra-meeting updates
  • Leverage LP-LP information sharing through a centralized, non-commercial resource
  • Additional educational opportunities and collaborations approved by Board

2018 AOI Schedule: 

  • AOI Meeting: January in NYC and Austin
  • AOI Meeting: May - At Milken Institute
  • AOI Meeting: June - AOI Meeting in NYC and Austin
  • Whitepaper (Q3) to be Published in AOI Library: 
    • Update: Industry Term Progress in Relation to AOI's Principles
  •  AOI Meeting November: NYC and Austin 


To apply for membership, please submit this form:

 AOI Application