About AOI

The Alignment of Interests Association (“AOI”) is a non-profit, investor-driven organization focused on strengthening the alignment between hedge fund industry participants. Its mission is to foster investor collaboration, provide an independent forum for the exchange of ideas and contribute to the sharing of educational resources among investors. AOI aims to advance the level of communication between institutional hedge fund investors, and has facilitated the sharing of ideas on ways to improve the industry for the long-term benefit of all its participants. 

AOI, as an organization, is independent from commercial interests and sponsorship.



Since 2009, AOI discussions have evolved from closed-door working groups to formalized meetings across multiple locations. Over 250 institutional investors (pensions, endowments, foundations, insurance companies and family offices) have participated in AOI’s activities. AOI’s meetings, communications and activities are generally confidential.



AOI is governed by its Board of Directors and Steering Committee. AOI’s Board and Steering Committee both serve to add institutional guidance and continuity on AOI’s activities and help to determine which issues merit member collaboration and communication.
AOI’s Steering Committee includes members from the following institutions:

  • Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island

  • Employees Retirement System of Texas

  • Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado

  • MetLife

  • Michigan State University Endowment

  • OMERS Capital Markets

  • San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association

  • Siemens Financial Services GmbH

  • South Carolina Retirement Systems’ Investment Commission

  • State Board of Administration of Florida

  • Teacher Retirement System of Texas

  • The University of Texas Investment Management Company

  • University of Toronto Asset Management


AOI’s Board includes members from the following institutions:

  • OMERS Capital Markets

  • Stepstone

  • Texas Tech University

  • Turtle Creek Family Office


AOI’s Advisory Committee includes members from the following institutions:

  • Aksia

  • Albourne Partners

  • Jackson Walker